Nia Golden


Calypso, Love Nia

Presented by

Montserrat Arts Council

In Collaboration With

ZJB Radio Montserrat


  • Director

    Nia Golden

  • Writer

    Nia Golden

  • Release Date

    20, December 2022

Living on the island for more than ten years, I can’t remember a time when calypso was not a part of my story. Spending my first Christmas away from Montserrat was revealing. I didn’t recognize how much I much I had grown to enjoy it as part of my Christmas experience. I have provided vocals for studio sessions, the competitions, working with the best of the best, I have experienced calypso from multiple sides. With 60 years on the horizon, I thought it would a great time to explore Montserrat’s calypso history and why I had grown to love it so much.

Calypso, Love Nia is a conversation with a few of my favorite calypsonians, practitioners and lovers of the art form to understand Montserrat’s calypso story over the last 60 years.

Cast Members

Justin 'Hero' Cassell


Cecil 'Cepeke' lake


Everton 'reality weekes


Herman ''cupid' francis


franklyn michael

former commentator

basil chambers

Radio personality

Billy darroux


Bonus content

performance i regret

21 november, 2022

Cepeke talks about the song he regrets singing for a competition.

Song Breakdown

25 november, 2022

Hero gives an insight into the stories behind his winning songs.

Performance regret

2nd December, 2022

Cupid talks about performances he regrets. 

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Calypso, Love Nia Trailer

Calypso, Love Nia Trailer